Maya and Joya, Simply Phenomenal Women

Yesterday evening was a looked forward to occasion, a tribute to Maya Angelou from Mixed Magic Theater and the Block Island Poetry Project. What a wonderful evening to share.

But, just a week ago, our own phenomenal Joya Verde died. Maya Angelou was not the name Maya was born with, Joya Verde also gave herself this name by which I knew her since the first Poetry project session eleven years ago. Words written for Maya tender, witty, warm, resilient … words sparkled with humor and affirmation could be written for my friend. Joya’s partner Virginia and her family have been with her, and those, like myself, less near, can only say I suffer this much, this loss, I imagine yours, I am inadequate now. I was fortunate enough to live near enough to meet Joya. She is/was truly quite phenomenal, when she came into a room or joined us on a walk, all of us were gladdened: Joya is here. [I hope much of her writing might be collected as some of her short stories have been- she enriched so many days of listening.]

Joya felt present as we listened to the songs and words in celebration of Maya. You tube has many poems, this is Maya Angelou performing “And Still I Rise”.


Joya Verde – taken from a facebook photo by Michele Solomon with thanks and sympathy

And this is me – inadequate but trying…

Summers end
And so the summer goes by like the swallow
darting and flitting
Memory flashes clarity tail forked wings slanted
Truth a confusion of other summers other times
This summer ends with loss.

Some days the waves rode high eight feet
measured by bikinied bodies
stretched out outlined in clear green
joyously crucified out of element
before the beach bound began counting bobbing heads
In the confusion of white water

Thought flits
She was sometimes crucified
by element incapable of holding
so grand a surge to life.
Swallow. Loss hits. No confusion now.
Life is, was, includes, remembers haikued time.

Remember Joya.





delight, excitement, exhaustion, confusion… what next?

Days of delight and excitement and exhaustion and confusion … a round-up post, just a stream of consciousness.

Confusion: my tomatoes still grow, the sun still shines and the news from the rest of the world IMG_5370is still dire. See earlier post of despair. Also, see below, how this morning was spent working to improve the international student situation – here and here. Crazy world. Though I do think we do better, there is still a very long way to go.

Exhaustion: It is official – I am old, D**nit. Yesterday the family moved back from the small summer rental home to their own home (which has been rented all summer at twice the price). I offered to help pack up. I did help pack up. It was easy, all the girls were sorting their stuff into bags and boxes, I did stuff like move clothes from the closet to the bed, put towels in the washing machine, hung other stuff out to dry, not very much. Rory was brilliant, ten years old, organised, intelligent, willing and a real cheerful dynamo all day. Wendy cleaned, Callum fetched and carried from one house to the other. I got home. Utterly exhausted, could hardly move, obviously an old old woman. Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmiitttttt. No photo to express this.

Delight and Excitement: Earlier in the week went on an Ocean View Foundation bird walk on Andy’s Way with Kim, Lisa and Stephanie. Reports of a white ibis (rare this far north) ARE TRUE. We saw it fly alongside two egrets and then they all settled – rather far away. Stephanie had a long lens camera so here is her picture, thanks Stephanie and Kim, a great egret on a rock and the ibis in the foreground. This is a juvenile shown by the brown back, and will be white when it matures as in the comparison picture from wikipedia. Then, Stephanie saw something at the edge of the marsh, through the lens we saw this bird preening, quietly surveying its world from its hiding place, and she got another picture.

Identification ??? still showing the rail picture to experts but Kim thinks it is indeed a clapper rail – the book says they are shy, retiring and hide in the marshes.

I have been on a bird walk where Kim was quite wildly excited. She has wanted to see a rail. She thought this was even better than the ibis. Me – I can tell when I have seen a seagull – I love watching all the others, asking what they are, the plovers, the sanderlings, the willets and the herons and egrets and also, I love the excitement and knowledge of my friends.

Confusion again: Spent this morning working with Socha on some tasks regarding the International student workers on the island. From earlier posts regular readers know this is not a totally idyllic place – just like the rest of the world a microcosm where attitudes and actions of all kinds try to co-exist. OK so far so good, but just as we finished, working together on my computer, a macbook pro, something happened to it. I got a frozen screen, a strange black one with little bits of my happy desktop showing round the edges.

This is a cheat - I didn't even think of taking a photo

This is a cheat – I didn’t even think of taking a photo – but it is what it looked like …aaagghhh …aaagghhh

AND nothing would change it. FRUSTRATION – so said goodbye to Socha, decided to turn the Mac off. It would not turn off. It asked – as it always does – if I was sure I wanted to turn my computer off, but the Yes button could not respond. I remembered the key command for Force Quit and got a window that asked what I wanted to quit. No click to let me say anything will do. After a while, I had a desktop that was black except for all the Mac’s polite queries that I couldn’t answer as I didn’t have a working click.

Sorry to go on and on about this… I am so dependent on my computer for so much.. How did that happen?

An hour or so later, accessing mac forums on the iphone, another gadget that makes me feel old though the computer does not, I felt like shouting at it – I SAID I CAN’T CLICK. I SAID I CAN’T TURN IT OFF. I SAID I CAN’T ACCESS THE WHATEVER YOU HAVE JUST TOLD ME WORKED FOR YOU. Then as I was about to switch it off, one little line, try the trackpad three-finger swipe.

What on earth?? Three fingers on the pad – quick flick across



Thank you anonymous stranger.

Do you wonder that I am confused? What has all this to do with getting on with life – in which I am getting on a bit? Today I feel crazy.

What an amazing crazy world

Today, coincidence, my grandsons are 7 years old.

Donal Cindy, Louis and Ali

Louis with Cindy, Ali with Donal

I hope they reach a happy 70 + but I think my grandmothers – both women of intelligence, imagination and empathy – could not have envisaged what my life is like. I cannot imagine what theirs will be in another 7 years let alone when/if they reach 70, these much traveled much loved bilingual  混血 双胞胎 (hunxue shuangbao tai) – third culture twins – but I have a ticket to go to China 17 days from now. I will see them again.

More days of delight and excitement and exhaustion and confusion…




August happiness

IMG_5351I thought about what to put in the title of this post – then decided it just had to be what I was feeling. I get such a lot of pleasure out of living here even though I do not have a garden. A good friend who knows this sent me home on Friday with a bike basket full of home-grown aubergine and summer squash, garlic and tomatoes [thank you Susan]. But I do grow things on my deck – 20 x5 feet of it, and at the moment have one red tomato, several green ones, four odd-shaped and hard to find cucumbers, two sunflowers, various other flowers, some basil, cilantro and purslane. The last appeared all by itself and google enabled identification and assurance that every part of it was edible. So it has been in all my salads this summer.

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I am happy.

Ocean View Foundation’s annual Great Salt Pond Stroll

Last Sunday and Monday – the Ocean View Foundation’s annual Great Salt Pond Stroll. We decided to go – this is a walk all the way round the Block Island Great Salt Pond over two days, each starting at 11 a.m. and finishing 3-4-5 hours later depending on how much strolling there is and how much stopping to see/learn/enjoy nature, take photos, ask questions and generally appreciate the very different perspectives from the sides of the pond. Advice given: wear protective footwear that can get wet (sharp shells and rocks and parts of the walk are slippery). Bring water and sunscreen and snacks/lunch etc. But be prepared to take your time – it is a STROLL after all.

Although it was also a bit of a scramble in places and sometimes we waded, enormous thanks go the Ocean View Foundation, and to Kim for her knowledge and sharing and planning, especially for the very low tide times that made so much available. Thanks also to Megan for the group photos and the glorious photo of the night heron who just happened to be there to enchant us. Each day required a bit of water crossing, so thanks also to Aaron Beguelin, day 1 ferryman and John Swienton, day 2, and again, to Kim for the planning that went in to two terrific days strolling and learning and making friends. Thanks also to the many non-profits who co-operate to make the Great Salt Pond the really great place it is. (Committee for the Great Salt Pond, and BI Maritime Institute especially)

Just a pond

Near where the Block Island family live this summer there is a pond. Granddaughters and friends make use of it after beach time, as evening becomes cooler. It is just one of Block Island’s 300+ ponds. Eight young people and three dogs while three dads got the barbecue together.

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BAD. SAD. Try a real think about DESPAIR

I have not posted for a long time now – not just because it is summer and I am out a lot – mainly because I have too much to say, or too little.

Some pictures of a happy place, a contrast to the writing I have now thought to post.


Far away, a plane is shot down in Ukraine.

A school is Schools are shelled, rockets fall. 1,900 lives are lost in Gaza in four weeks while my tomatoes grow. They have fruit and farms and gardens too, places to live and grow. So do Ukrainians, and others not now in the news. How many are now hurt, displaced, traumatised, suffering? Know there will be no growing now for a while?

While violence silences and disempowers all of us everywhere, I am in the middle of one of the loveliest summers I have had for a long time. As well as the bike and the beaches, and our kids, everyone here whatever their age, swimming, playing, growing, enjoying. I picked my first of the season tomato and cucumber. [I do not have a garden, these are pot-grown on a deck 20 feet long by 5 feet wide.]

I can’t couldn’t write – the contrast is too great. But, at least I can write.

This morning I decided I want to say that however BAD, SAD, and utterly shocking and disempowering the dreadful violence is,


That is, the stuff that happens before during and after the shells fly and the rockets rock, whatever it is that they do, or think they are doing.

The history of powerful vs powerless (think Apartheid, think slavery, think jewish persecution, think some history or even a tiny inconsequential discriminatory unfairness you know about) is a history of feelings experienced, feelings of shame, humiliation, anger, fear, and above all


in the helplessness of “I did not ask for this” lies the real despair

“I can’t help it and it is going to happen again, and again, and again”

I can’t get on with ordinary living

Because those in Power do NOT hear the drip drip drip of what it is like to be prevented from living a fair enough life, the steady attrition of hope in a future, often not for oneself, but for those who depend on one’s provision. You see your child/elderly parent/partner/friend in need, you know what they need, you know how this sort of thing is done….


Imagine it, think into the despair, like as if the baby is hungry and you are too and you can’t get food – or thirsty – or needs to learn/work/play – or needs anything – and you are prevented. Sanctions and blocks do this, it is another kind of unasked death, just different from explosion.


prevented by decisions others make, creating poverty, inequality of life chances. It is not true that people can do well if they just work hard enough or learn enough. Remember that list, the slaves the persecuted jews the punishments once deemed ‘appropriate’, now thought barbaric. People do well, cultures and beliefs change when some have said: STOP

STOP VIOLENCE … it is a giving up of finding the response to despair.


The people perpetuating these things are, by history’s hindsight, seen to have been blinded by something of their own: FEAR, un-named maybe, causes another kind of desperate attempt to fashion the world as it is wanted, not as it is.

Attempts to contain FEAR: road blocks, checkpoints, poverty, punishment for speaking out … think, as above, all the things that have happened before that were a result of not hearing that despair … yeah … there is something wrong going on here… STOP

I want every person who has any place to say it … to say: STOP

ENOUGH: NO MORE ARMS SOLD TO ANY ONE BY ANYONE, and the buck STARTS here, where I am, where I hold a vote where I can write to a representative where I can DO at least one thing that is not the kind of reaction doing that makes the fear and despair worse.




International Student Workers

This post is an update on the international student workers situation (previous post here describes the discovery of abuses that have occurred): as before most of the 220 foreign students here have good employers and respond with smiles and assurance they are enjoying themselves when we stop to talk.

Actions taken by islanders who care: one sponsor did reassign students to a different location; I have spoken to another happily rehoused and in a different job on the island; and, systemically, the housing issue has been raised at Town Council and is on the Agenda soon for further action, a community group has formed coordinated by the BI Residents Association (BIRA), and various further actions are being carried out (creation of “bill of rights”, “needs for employer/employee orientation process”, “letters to sponsors and state department” …etc.).

So – to all who enjoy having the students and who employ them with grace and generosity, knowing that happy workers are in everyone’s best interests – you keep going – we are looking to see what works and works well. And to anyone not in that position, well, we are looking. Why not approach (BIRA or the new group, ISW Committee) and



for everyone!!

This may be a ‘tourist’ island, but it does not put profit before people, and most of us know that without the people there wouldn’t be any profit anyway if that happened to be your driving motivation.

PS – I am solely responsible for this post, so opinions and inaccuracies (if any) are down to me, not BIRA nor ISW.

Please help: Military Solutions = People’s Pain

Uh – oh – here we go again…

Regular readers will know that I occasionally do some editing work to help out a wonderful Pakistani organisation called Khwendo Kor (Sisters’ Home).  From a beginning in 1993, women from the North West Territories of Pakistan have worked in their villages to address the needs of women in one of the most challenging areas of the world. Education, health, micro-finance loans, rehabilitation, whatever, the numbers who have been helped to sustain better lives now run in to tens of thousands.

The setbacks have been dire, from earthquake to Taliban death threats, and deaths, and, since 2001, the effects of the “War on Terror”. Now, the Pakistan government has begun a long-awaited military campaign “in a Taliban-dominated part of Pakistan‘s borderlands, years after the US first demanded action”. [see reports of the offensive Guardian 15th June, and the consequent displacement of about half a million refugees, Guardian 16th June ]

Uh – oh – where KK works.

Afraisiab Khattak, a senator for the state of Bannu in this region has said:

“North Waziristan has been on the anvil for a very, very long time and the government should have been prepared for every eventuality… Unfortunately in our country we only think of military aspects of an operation and no one bothers with the humanitarian crisis.”

So below is a way in which some help can reach the Humanitarian Crisis: (copied from Friends of Khwendo Kor)


Dear Supporters,

We are asking for your help in meeting an urgent appeal from Khwendo Kor (KK). In brief the Pakistan Government has launched military operations in North Waziristan, a part of the Tribal Areas where KK works and from which, as it happens, Maryam Bibi, KK’s founder and Chief Executive, herself comes. The result is a flood of refugees, no one knows how many, but certainly in the hundreds of thousands. Their plight is dire, they are moving from the cool of the hills to the stifling heat of the plains, women are giving birth and children are dying of diarrhoea on the roads, public transport is effectively absent, and private transport is iniquitously expensive. The provincial government of Baluchistan has closed its borders to refugees thus adding to the problems faced by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to the Guardian ( the only camp that has been set up lacks food, water and electricity.

However, there is hope. KK is working with a volunteer group in Islamabad which is raising money for them to provide an immediate practical response. Maryam has been to Bannu, assessing the situation on the ground and developing KK’s plans. KK is also in active contact with the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, UNICEF, and the disaster management Fund of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, and is preparing a proposal for the US government aid programme. They have also been contacted by an influential member of Amnesty International who is in the UK and have advised him to channel any funds through FROK.

The economy and competing demands make this a difficult time for any appeal. There are, however, reasons why we in FROK should respond as generously as we can and ask our friends and families to do the same:

  • This is a top priority for KK and a chance for us to show our solidarity with them in their dangerous and essential work
  • Money for KK will be put to good use and also increase its credibility and consequent ability to leverage larger funds, and influence others to provide a combined effective response
  • KK is already working in North Waziristan which is a particularly dangerous and strategically sensitive part of the Tribal Areas. Anything that they do now to help the IDPs in their hour of need can only help to consolidate their base there for the longer term
  • There is little international press coverage of this situation. We know about it and are in a position to give a little help. Surely it is up to us to do so.

To donate:

  1. Via the FROK Just Giving website – – please indicate that your donation is for the Waziristan Appeal and whether you wish it to be a Zakat donation*
  2. Via the FROK website, and follow donation instructions, again indicating that your donation is for the Waziristan Appeal and whether you wish it to be a Zakat donation
  3. By texting to 7070 ‘FROK10£[number of pounds from 1 to 10 as you choose]’
  4. By making out a CAF or other cheque to FROK and sending to Jonathan French, FROK Treasurer, 85, East Parade, Heworth, York, YO31 7YD. If donating by cheque, please tell Jonathan by letter or email ( if you are UK taxpayer (so that he can reclaim tax) and that you want the money to go to the Waziristan appeal. Please also tell him if you wish it to be a Zakat donation

To follow what is happening:

KK will be putting up pictures and news on their website – . We will also put a link to this on the FROK website – – and Facebook page by 4th July.


* Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) recognizes that every donor supports programs in their own way. Therefore, we provide a variety of ways to donate so you can choose the one that is most appropriate to you:



Beach days begin

My three granddaughters and friends at Scotch Beach yesterday. The sun is shining again today, the last day of school. I went swimming too – feel ancient when I see how the girls have grown-up  – where did the time go? Feel great when I am in the water… later … a lot of sleep!!

IMG_4937 IMG_4940 IMG_4939