Beach happy

Happiness – I am late with taking up this photo-challenge. I think happy is not something to capture, it is not a feeling, much more a state of mind with so many feelings all moving in various ways. Sort of now you see it, now you don’t. Yesterday evening on Ballard’s beach, which is behind the harbour breakwater, daughter-in-law, two grand-daughters and Finn the dog showed me some “happy”. October by the sea is utterly wonderful.

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9 Responses to Beach happy

  1. I am absolutely terrible with a camera. If I go anywhere I merely buy some post cards and must be satisfied with that.

    • elspethc says:

      I used to be terrible – now I have an iphone and it works – I can take loads of respectable photos and better still it does not take away from the experience of being with the subjects, I do not have to fiddle with it. I always get postcards at galleries, museums etc – far far better reminders than I can take with any camera

  2. Hudson Howl says:

    Now thats beach happy.

    • elspethc says:

      Finn and Jake seem to have this in common. They keep the rest of us well occupied. Amazing how they quickly become so much more than ‘just a dog’.

  3. Oh, I am envious. Fabulous pictures, the happiness is infectious, Elspeth!

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