Just three of us

Today, Sunday, was a typical just Granny Elspeth, Louis and Ali day. Donal has been at work IELTS all day. Breakfast, lots of chat about ‘what will we have’ even though it is going to be either egg or banana as usual – I am not into the you choose sort of provision! Then play, … More Just three of us

Saturday swimming

More minor frustrations! I am writing this on the iPhone, which is ok but fiddly, because the MacBook wont let me – china again I think after reading lots of forums. The MacBook is more secure than the phone and does it via https or something. Haha do you want to know this. No you … More Saturday swimming

Guilin Park

Another week nearly gone so today I am in Guilin Park. This is the nearest biggish park to our house, but it is like all the others, walking paths, teahouse, shady grotto space. I am writing in one of those. But it is still hot. Usual chatty people – all very curious and friendly but … More Guilin Park

Getting there

I thought I would just begin writing, then choose colors and themes and all that, but I forgot I was in Shanghai – so had to find out more about Internet here than I really wanted to know. See you again soon