Saturday swimming

More minor frustrations! I am writing this on the iPhone, which is ok but fiddly, because the MacBook wont let me – china again I think after reading lots of forums. The MacBook is more secure than the phone and does it via https or something. Haha do you want to know this. No you don’t.
We went swimming again this morning – glorious – donal remembered to put on the suncream not like last week. My wonderful Ali and Louis and I were well oiled up. Just thinking about lying in water even if the boys are playing Granny is a whale makes me feel cool again.

However, Chinese mistake time for lunch. Donal had to go off working at IELTS for the afternoon, so on the way home in the taxi I asked the boys if they would like pizza for lunch. Yes yes of course they would. We try to not do pizza too often but there is a PizzaHut on the corner opposite the flat. First, pizzahut is way too popular and the queue was out the door. Lucky L and A are great kids – Ali played iPhone and Louis drew dinosaurs in my notebook for 20 minutes.

Then I asked for two small pizzas – one is usually about right but I thought I would have some too and they might be hungrier than usual. Just as well as the Chinese was clearly not up to the mark. We got two kiddie pizzas – tiny about 5/6 inches across – I starved and made a sandwich after we got home and these skinny but active kiwi kids ate some of that too. But the pizza was nice and everyone happy and now sleeping.


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