Just three of us

Today, Sunday, was a typical just Granny Elspeth, Louis and Ali day. Donal has been at work IELTS all day. Breakfast, lots of chat about ‘what will we have’ even though it is going to be either egg or banana as usual – I am not into the you choose sort of provision! Then play, and they have discovered Boowa and Kwala on the computers (if you have kids any age try it yourself) so they do not want to stop but experience says these boys need ACTIVITY and eventually we get out. To the recreation ground as it is nearby and walking in the heat is tiring. They both wanted to bring toys so they carried their backpacks – great time playing in the sand. The little girl from Tennessee and her father – both Chinese but English speaking – were there again and I learnt that this very morning a baby sister had arrived – way back in Tennessee. Dad’s flight is booked for next week but daughter arrived early. However I realise that this is another split family and little Meimei is mainly cared for by grandparents.
20110801-050128.jpgWe adults do not of course get much chance to chat as we are both looking after children who take off in all directions.

I did two laps of the running track chasing and being chased while the conversation took place.
Louis said he needed a wipe and told the football players he was just as sweaty as they were.

Then home via the biggish supermarket Jiadeli buying drinks for now and sausages for lunch. We had a really good time over lunch as we did ‘make your own sandwich’ and each sandwich had to have a bit from every plate just like Boowa and Kwala do. Very informed conversation about all the things which are rude – or ‘very very rude’ – not enough space to write so just like them, use your imagination.
Then sleep. Then wake, play play run run etc etc hurray Daddy home oh dear Daddy going out with Ivan which does not happen often. More pizza, lazy Granny, play play shower and bed. Hope it is now time for sleep!
Fairly typical day except for Donal going out. He does not have much ‘out’ time.


One thought on “Just three of us

  1. boys look great swimmers, at great age for loving the pool! gabriel very pleased with himself yesterday in david lloyd pool as he has been trying to swim without armbands for a while. Esme had her googles on and was under water verifying if “actual swimming” was taking place or if feet were still on the bottom of the pool. The adjudicator eventually declared that some swimming was occuring so that was very exciting!!!


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