Blue Frog

Saturday again and we are in the Blue Frog for lunch after swimming. Very nice and relaxing as it is really child friendly with a visible and safe playroom. We expect a typhoon tomorrow and it has begun to arrive with flurries of very heavy rain and wind strong enough to blow the pool table umbrellas over so swimming was different from last week. Personally I found it much nicer as it was cooler! Also, I had bought armbands so Louis and Ali were both able to paddle around without having to hang on to Donal or myself, and they enjoyed it very much indeed.

Yesterday evening Weiwei and Matthew – Cindy’s cousin and Donal’s ex-colleague – arrived back from a trip to UK so it was an exciting evening. They took off again, visiting friends, and will return on Tuesday when Cindy flies in from New Zealand. (After that they return to Xi’an where Matthew now works.) Three more sleeps till Mummy comes!



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