Cindy arrived in Shanghai

Today Cindy arrived back in Shanghai on a three week trip from New Zealand. Louis and Ali woke very early when Donal’s alarm went off. He was going to Pudong airport to meet her – about two hours journey from where we live. We followed the plan that they would go to school as usual, even though Cindy and Donal would arrive back here about 9am. This of course meant that by the time the boys saw their Mum, she had had a chance to rest, settle in and spend at least a little time with Donal – who had to go to work.

Later Matthew and Wei Wei came round – tomorrow they return to Xi’an. Donal, Cindy, Matthew and Wei Wei were relaxing when it was time to collect the boys from school, so I went for them. They never walked home so well! Ali planned to give Mummy a big surprise, which meant hiding behind me and then jumping out ar her. Louis said he was just going to give her a big big kiss. All very well, all happy.


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