Day by day

Daily life in shanghai continues day by day. Since Cindy arrived on Tuesday, we are three adults and Zhou Ayi in the evening so not much looking after boys is required of me. I intended to do a bit of getting out and about but have managed to develop a stinking cold – crowded Metro I suppose. So I am not going anywhere for now.

BI beach
Last summer on Block Island

What I have done is play around with the blogging process and have put the beginning of my poetry blog online! And, I got one comment from someone in Ohio almost straight away, so maybe blogs are not as anonymous as I imagine they are. I also started the blog I really want to put up – one which replaces “work” now that I am retired and my mind still wants to think, but it turns out to have the same difficulties as writing papers used to have. Too many thoughts, not enough willingness to search out the references they came from…I much prefer to talk, or just write, though do miss the listening part of talking and conversation when I am writing.



This summer football at PuBei Lu recreation ground. Note the Hibs shirts!

I am also looking for good photos to put up, and that is a trip to nostalgia land. I think my computer is like most people’s, or worse, full of unsorted digital wonders. Another job to do there when I get around to it.

Love to everyone, xxx E


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