Last Sunday we had a typhoon warning for Shanghai – and then it was downgraded so we just had fairly strong wind and rain.

small tree
The patio tree fell over

The little tree on our outside patio – only about my height – tossed about telling us how strong the wind was, then it fell over.  I forgot about it until this afternoon when the rain and lightning started up again and see that it looks still alive but needing replanted. I will try to remember but it is always so hot outside that I am unlikely to be passing by and will probably forget. There have been more storms since Thursday which we have not noticed much. The Shanghai Daily has been reporting however, and it looks as though the area I visited on Monday, the Wu Jiao Chang [Pentagon], has been flooded.
Not a surprise that it is now thundery again, it has been very hot and opressive. this morning Donal and I took the boys to the running track, but we were all soaking sweaty even before we did any running, so we did not stay long and came home to the showers and airconditioning.


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