I thought I had the China stuff sorted as I have been able to get in to my own blog all week. However having noticed this great world with lots of anything in it, I was looking up other people’s contacts. Blogspot is impossible to get here – the “server resets” every time I try to access a blogspot site.

I know there are ways round this – everyone who wants Facebook or Youtube says get a VPN … aaaghh… I really really do not want to know what a VPN is (virtual private network) or how to get one. Why are authorities’ response to stuff always along the lines of prevent all the ordinary people doing things and then we might just get the baddies caught in the net? See immigration policy, stop-and-search etc etc… Don’t they know its the baddies who need to know how to get around the net and who will manage to do so, the rest of us have lives to lead that we enjoy.

More rain today.



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