Another Monday

The time goes by without much happening – which is down to me as I am not doing very much. I was supposed to go to an “Internations” event on thursday (an expat organisation – look them up online) and then I cancelled as I just did not want to head all the way off to People’s Square and stand around in a bar eating canapes and wondering who to talk to.

ali mkes friends
Ali, in red, making friends

I prefer staying home! However, on Saturday we all went to a very nice dim sum restaurant in Chang Le Street  长乐路 – a well known part of the French Concession bit of Shanghai. It was very good, though being indoors means I can’t say much about the district. The streets around looked interesting, so I have it down as somewhere to return to and explore when cooler. It was fun watching Ali make friends with the children at the next table. Then on Sunday I took them to the small park to skate and Ali made friends with ‘a baby’, that is, a one-year old toddler. Ali is a very friendly engaging little boy and needless to say was just as big a hit with the respective parents as with the children. Louis looks on and decides whether or not he will join in, or continue reading/drawing/skating.

Learning to skate

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