Another Saturday and I have not written all week. This is down to being unwell for a while – Ali brought a bug home from school and of course as a healthy nearly-4 year old he recovered in half a day sitting on Granny and getting cuddles, while Granny got the bug and takes aaaages to get feeling normal again.

Wildflowers in Donegal


George emailed a picture of his wildfower meadow in Donegal, made me very homesick espcially as I could almost conjure up the clean smell and breeze. I went for a walk yesterday, started out fine, then when I was half an hour away from home, it rained, luckily I found a little store which sold umbrellas, even then I needed to stand under a shelter about twenty minutes until the drops stopped bouncing knee high. However, I discovered yet another market which will be on the way home from the boys new school. They start next Thursday, the day after their birthday.


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