The Birthday Day

Today Louis and Ali are 4 years old. They both needed to go to the dentist (bumps and bashes – Ali has a front tooth chipped a long time ago which has steadily turned greyer and Louis has a lower left gap where he knocked one clean out last month). Cindy didn’t want two days off work, so today was dentist day too. Boys are wearing their new watches, plan is dentist, cinema, meet Daddy for lunch, home, sleep, rest of presents and cake & & all that Cindy had booked a dentist online – we got there, no dentist, no building even at the address, this is fast-change Shanghai. No phone answering either – what next?

New watches
Louis examininghis birthday watch - Ali looks at his too.

Kind doorkeeper points us towards another address where there is a dentist. Half an hour walk later, we find it. Now, this is China, where appointments systems and walk-in are much the same, block booking from 8am, so if you arrive at 9.21 – new Lightning Mcqueen and Spiderman watches – you get number 44 !! Hurray on the day two boys are 4! (though 4 is china’s unlucky number, we do not count that) It was only a half hour wait, then 5 minutes for teeth checking and, it happened that we were on the way to the cinema – at Gateway, Xujiahui – so we walked another half-hour and having missed the early show we had time for birthday ice-cream.Now, everyone is home, having afternoon naps as is the chinese habit. We have seen Cars 2 at the cinema, and had lunch, and collected the cake. More presents are expected by the adults later, the boys are incredibly happy and pleased with very little which is rather nice to see.

The family - 4th birthday morning



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