Beautiful autumn

Not a lot to discover I think, and then I realise that this is what I think if I am trying to impress the readership of the blog, whoever they might be. In fact there is discovery every day, everywhere, but most of it is little. It means I am gettting more used to Shanghai! … More Beautiful autumn

Visa, part 3

Hurray, success, step 3 completed this morning. I returned to the Visa exit and Entry offices, paid over my money and collected my new 6 month visa. On the way home it was still only 10.30am so I felt I should be a tourist for once and got off the metro at Nanjing East and … More Visa, part 3

Visa renewal, Part 2.

On Wednesday, having looked at all the advice again, I went to the Visa Exit and Entry offices to get my visa extended until January 2012. Cindy had written a letter, to say I was here at her invitation to look after the children. I had passport, registration forms, Cindy and Donal’s marriage certificate which … More Visa renewal, Part 2.