Why did you make the house nice?

Three units, one with 4 shelves, the others with 3 each.

After the birthday, the toys were overflowing the toybox, and by the weekend everything was being ‘tidied’ by throwing the lot into the space between the big chair and the sofa. So, rather than go out of my mind, again, on Monday I went to the local B&Q and bought cheap and cheerful red shelves and spent the rest of the day screwing and glueing them together and thinking that Callum would die if he saw the appalling poor quality of the chipboard and spray paint, let alone the way the pre-drilled holes sometimes did not quite match up. IKEA this is not, but then the whole lot was only 280RMB which is a little less than £30, little more than $40.

Then I collected the boys from school, and when we got home, Louis took one look, grinned all over his face, and said “Granny, why did you make our house so nice?”

Worth every penny! (They might last out our time here!)


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