Beautiful autumn

Not a lot to discover I think, and then I realise that this is what I think if I am trying to impress the readership of the blog, whoever they might be. In fact there is discovery every day, everywhere, but most of it is little. It means I am gettting more used to Shanghai! All of the residential areas on the way to school have responded to autumn by planting flowers around the gateways. There is a huge bed of petunias, pink and purple.

From Guilin Road, looking south west in the morning across the river

One morning we saw the river getting a clean-up, the guy was wearing the blue overalls which all the street cleaners wear, but he was in a boat, a bit like a wide punt, a using one pole to move along, then a net to haul in the occasional piece of rubbish. One reason I like Shanghai is that this small river is clean, not like the turgid filth we lived near when we were in Guangzhou. The boys stopped to watch, and of course made another friend, as the boatman stopped his work to talk. Then, two mornings later, when we passed the same spot, we saw the boat, the pole several yards behind it, and the cleaner hastening along the path clearly wondering how to retrieve the pole which was stuck fast. He managed somehow, as when I was on my way back, there was no sign of boat or pole or cleaner, They had moved on to the next stretch of water.


What do you think?

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