Louis continues to delight in drawing, and churns out two or three nearly every evening. I continue to delight in watching him. Only Ali suffers a bit, Louis is ‘gooder’ than me. I took some photos of pictures which were just lying about. I think maybe he is ‘gooder’ than lots of 4 year olds, … More Artist


Coffee … its a few years since I stopped drinking coffee after about 3/4pm on the grounds [haha] that it kept me awake, and I can’t do decaff – after all if I am going to drink it, I might as well get the caffeine too. But I just did not make the connection with … More Coffee…

To WordPress, re blocked sites and VPN etc.

This is for WordPress whose helpguys have been very good with email responses every time there has been blocking from the great firewall in China. I suppose they can’t recommend purchased VPN sites, and the suggestions offered were and Both turned out to be blocked also, as were nearly all the free vpn’s … More To WordPress, re blocked sites and VPN etc.

Noodles and Hotpot

The Chinese National holiday week, which commemorates the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, started last Saturday. Cindy’s parents had arrived so we celebrated with friends by going out to a hotpot meal. Now, I have had many many hotpots with the Xin family. Spicy hotpot is their favorite food and in … More Noodles and Hotpot

Top story?

The BBC has one of today’s top stories: Palin NOT running for president Well thank someone for that but shouldn’t it be NON story? Why ever is she in the ‘story’ in the first place? Money and media and moron – in no particular order – seem to make this sort of nightmare non- news … More Top story?

Finance Masterpieces

This was such a delight – even better because I was tired and it was unexpected. I suppose I had not really thought about what I would expect from a title like ICBC Finance Masterpieces. Although tired, I thought I should also look at what was on the third floor. I am so glad I … More Finance Masterpieces

Shanghai Art Museum

Shanghai Art Museum – one of my favourite places, not just because it is near Starbucks. (There is also a McCafe and a Costa over the road). This place 上海美术馆 is wrongly named as far as english speakers are concerned because it is a venue with three floors and the exhibition on each floor changes … More Shanghai Art Museum