Finance Masterpieces

This was such a delight – even better because I was tired and it was unexpected. I suppose I had not really thought about what I would expect from a title like ICBC Finance Masterpieces. Although tired, I thought I should also look at what was on the third floor. I am so glad I went! I never understand how it is that some event just catches some part of me and brings huge enjoyment. This exhibition from ICBC, one of the big banks, and called Finance Masterpieces – which was the only bit of English available – of course very nearly put me off, rather than on.

There were numerous small rooms with traditional chinese hangings, all very beautiful, but the star pieces were a series of huge wall paintings of ICBC bank branches at different periods of chinese history. I have no idea if they were painted at the different times, or commissioned from photos, or something else, and took iphone photos of the information placques in hopes that I might get around to translating them sometime, which of course has not yet happened. I did ask about English information and got mei you mei you 没有没有and the usual smiles. I actually sometimes think “meiyou” means can’t be bothered instead of don’t have, but this time it would seem that they really did not have any English translation. There was a wonderful gallery photograph book of the exhibition, but it was both large and expensive as well as solely chinese, so I regretfully decided not to buy it. Here are some of the photos, just to remind me of what I enjoyed last Wednesday.

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One thought on “Finance Masterpieces

  1. Elspeth, I’ve been through the blogs. So glad you’ve written them(so lively) and that I’ve found out how to access your writing.I like the variety of family, the city walks, and the adventures into the challenges of finding your way about with all the added problem of understanding directions in such an exotic language.
    Also,the mystery of the ‘offcialdom’ and your outstanding perseverance. Motivation at its most potent!
    I particularly enjoyed the art exhibition-the kind of visit we’d have made together, if we were…
    See you soon-sometime this week perhaps when you are in bed.


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