Shanghai Art Museum

Shanghai Art Museum – one of my favourite places, not just because it is near Starbucks. (There is also a McCafe and a Costa over the road).

This place 上海美术馆 is wrongly named as far as english speakers are concerned because it is a venue with three floors and the exhibition on each floor changes regularly, more ‘galleries’ than ‘museum’. This time the first floor (ground floor to British folk) was being changed, so I went up to second and found the last day of the exhibition of Li Chevalier, a chinese parisian artist. The photos I took do not do justice, nor do any of the sites found on google, but for what they are worth:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am not sure if I liked everything, but you can see the sense of light and space. One room had a floor covered with lighted tablets, each with different inscriptions. Again, my capacity to understand chinese was not good enough and there was no pin yin let alone English (or French) translation. Very frustrating!

Next post, next floor, only because I can’t work out how to get two different slideshows on to this blog – the last picture above is meant to be the first of the next show. It turned out to be a great day!


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