Thankyou friends and family

It seems like there was too little to write about and now there is too much. I intend to try to post more but want to make some acknowledgements today.

I have been getting sidetracked to great postings by speccy on memineandotherbits which says lots about all sorts of things and also has lots of links to more other things. My thoughts about posting – before I started – were that it would stop all the emailing which seemed to turn into me me me and how great my grandsons are – and then when I was with the other family other side of the world that 12 hour time difference is a killer – it would be about the granddaughters and how great they are – you know the feeling as if there was going to be one of those Christmas letters sent every day. So I would get more interesting stuff, and become more interesting and interested. Well I am – but like I say there is some great blogging to read – try speccy’s blogging in style for a similar but different kind of feeling and she led me to totsymae and blackwatertown and many others.

Then I started getting some comments, and some friends have signed up for emails to follow what I am writing. You know who you are, but you may not know how much it has made me feel connected. Thanks, thanks. I am missing Edinburgh and all it means re places and people. Neill has sent me a terrific poem inspired by the Paolozzi Vulcan – and says I can post it so you can see it along with my own efforts in Poetry of Moods and Moments.

The reason for too much is partly that it is Chinese National Holiday week. There is a great account of that and its history on Chinese Pod (a language learning site). For our family, it means that the boys are off school and that Cindy’s parents are staying here and I am sleeping on the mattress in the living room, etc etc …

Boys want the computer … more blogging late tonight maybe…


2 thoughts on “Thankyou friends and family

  1. That’s a great thing about discovering blogs, all the connections. So often, I sit down to read one thing and then hours fly past while I click on this and that link, ending up somewhere very unexpected đŸ™‚


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