Frustrated in China, VPN rescue time

I expect you have heard of the Great Chinese Firewall – which is the general blocking of various websites here. I knew about Facebook and Twitter before coming and did not feel particularly deprived. After starting this blog with wonderful WordPress, I discovered blogging in general was intermittently blocked eg I could never read anything from ‘blogspot’ sites, but managed to get over that too.

Then, last weekend, they blocked WordPress, blocked me, can’t write can’t read, and,

I can’t put up with that!!!

So I have had two days ‘research’ i.e. hunched over computer trying to find out what VPN means, what free
VPN means and why would anyone pay if free, and find of course that most VPN sites especially free ones are also blocked, so finally I have bought something called strongvpn (which had a three month rate) and lots of using skype for help, so THE BLOG IS BACK ONLINE and I have Facebook and blogspot and all as well if I want. At least so far so good.

But, after the research period, I need to get a life outside so goodbye for now. Here are some pictures of ‘statues’ real and imaginary in the Shanghai Botanical Gardens, and also one of YeYe and NaiNai.

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