To WordPress, re blocked sites and VPN etc.

This is for WordPress whose helpguys have been very good with email responses every time there has been blocking from the great firewall in China. I suppose they can’t recommend purchased VPN sites, and the suggestions offered were and

Both turned out to be blocked also, as were nearly all the free vpn’s found online. I tried Torproject – a complete mess as the site is not blocked, the download installs and then access turns out to be blocked – not really their fault but very time-consuming and I still can’t get the torbutton off my toolbar.

So, I eventually went for a purchased VPN (from strongvpn mainly because they had a 3 month package which fits the length of my chinese stay) – some of their sites, the dotcom ones, are blocked too, but I had first found the purchase site and the info was clear. Later, when setting up, they were indeed very helpful and directed me to mirror sites (dotorg and more) which enabled the setup and are useful information.

Other purchase VPN sites seemed OK too:  OPEN – PPTP-L2TP-SSTP explained well etc, but I have not tried them out.

I also thought of buying a personal URL from wordpress, and bypassing the name wordpress, but then I would not be able to get all my friends blogs even if I could write mine for them.

And, I LIKE being a WordPress blogger. So I went with the VPN even though it costs a little more.

So far, so good, I am happily back with WordPress!


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