Louis continues to delight in drawing, and churns out two or three nearly every evening. I continue to delight in watching him. Only Ali suffers a bit, Louis is ‘gooder’ than me. I took some photos of pictures which were just lying about. I think maybe he is ‘gooder’ than lots of 4 year olds, but seeing how much he enjoys himself, the comparisons just do not matter.

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4 thoughts on “Artist

  1. Definitely ‘gooder’ than the majority of 4 year olds. Tough for twins as you can’t say ‘well she/he is older/younger’ to stave off such direct comparisons. Definitely a talented artist but Ali will be equally good at something else.


  2. I was thinking about this again yesterday. Not wanting to tell a grandma how to suck eggs 😉 but thought I’d share these thoughts with you. Finlay used to be really ‘behind’ the average child as regards to drawing – he didn’t do his first ‘person’ drawing til he went to primary school. His best friend in Nursery and Primary is a very, very talented artist, so he used to get very despondent (he painted ONE picture in 2 years of nursery!). Since he is so far ahead in other stuff, I wasn’t really that worried, his brain is taken up with other stuff (usually Lego!). Anyway, what bothered me was that HE was bothered as he could particularly see the difference when he went to school.

    I discovered is that if you give him an object to draw or a picture to copy, he was a bit like a naive photocopier – he could draw ‘things’ and copy pictures beautifully, much better than I could in many cases! His ‘art’ when he was drawing real things or pictures was actually quite advanced. He CAN draw well, he just has a different sort of drawing ‘mind’. Is it worth giving Ali some pictures to emulate and see if this is the case?

    Plus, show him pictures by Picasso or Pollock – with the understanding that people draw or create ‘art’ very differently, if you compare Michelangelo with Picasso you could be forgiven for thinking (as a child) that Picasso can’t draw – but it is easier to explain that actually Picasso was very famous and successful, but he just drew DIFFERENTLY. Ali obviously just has his own style, and is more of a Picasso or a Pollock than a Rembrandt 😉


  3. I meant to add, his ‘art’ may well be 3 dimensional – sculpture rather than painting/drawing. I know that F expresses himself artistically in Lego and construction (beautiful, colourful beautifully symmetrical edifices!) far more than on paper. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time he drew a picture voluntarily, but is always building ‘in colour’. How about plasticine/blocks?


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