Under the weather

For a week now I have had a ‘cold’ or something which puts me back to bed as soon as I get the chance. Very boring! Outside the leaves are coming off the trees so the walk home from school is very slow. Autumn is indeed beautiful.

End of November coming

It is still clear and dry, glorious weather, fairly cool outside and inside is cool too – no central heating. I remember how used to central heating I have become, as when it is like this indoors, just switch on, and continue to walk about shoeless, slipper-less. Not here!! Here it is ‘put on your … More End of November coming

More autumn days

I do not really notice the time passing, and then suddenly realise that each day brings weather a little different from what I am accustomed to. Last week was breezy, a little chilly, and I broke out a scarf to wear as well as cardigan or jacket. Coming home from school, the boys are told, … More More autumn days

Unhappy People

Another event today where the awful side of chinese culture showed up [see an earlier post Feeling Political]. I was coming home about 4pm on the metro and just after I got on to a crowded train, standing room only, there was a disturbance about two doors along the carriage from where I stood and … More Unhappy People