On being tired… and bed jumping

After the activity which surrounded the first three weeks in October, with Cindy’s parents here, and then George, I thought I would be up and out and back to my various projects as soon as they all left. Those of you who know me well know that I am thrawn by nature and that the gap beween expectation and what actually happens, especially in China, contains large quantities of surprise/chagrin/humility/laughing-at-self-being-there-again and the one I always forget, tiredness.  I suppose I really really do not want to acknowledge that I have a low thyroid condition and that one of the factors in managing this is ‘pacing oneself’.

Geena with Cindy and Donal on their wedding day 2003/02/08 at the Meadows, Edinburgh.

So I have not been writing much in the last two weeks. The very day George left, we went to Pudong for the evening, to help celebrate Geena’s marriage to Christian which had taken place a few days earlier. Geena, a friend of Donal and Cindy from Chengdu, was in Edinburgh the same year as Donal and Cindy and witnessed their marriage there in 2003. She was also one of my students on the Management and Training Masters, and although I have only seen her once since then, we have kept sporadically in touch.

October 2011, Donal, Cindy and Geena with Christian, celebrating Geens and Christian's wedding.

Of course, Donal and Cindy have seen her more often, especially as she has lived in Shanghai for the last few years before meeting Christian though last year she went with him to Germany – where they will now live.

Then, this weekend, newer friends, Ivan and Maggie got married and they also live in Shanghai. They both work for Air New Zealand, Ivan is a friend of Bo who studies in New Zealand and lived as tenant in our ‘back-garden’ cottage there, so Ivan often came to stay on his NZ stopovers. Both young men were very good at playing with the boys, and of course when we came here we met Maggie too. We had dinner to welcome Bo as guest arriving for the wedding, with great excitement, especially from Ali who had frequently been chased all over the garden by Bo.

Only one year ago! In NZ with Bo's sound system.

They both often used his sound system and his exercise bars frequently to great effect, so visit from Bo was a big success. On Sunday the boys got dressed up in special wedding outfits and helped with the celebrations. I took that day out and away! Photos might follow in another post as I took the day off and I have to copy Cindy’s pictures.


Bo's legs in the background!




Now, someone can tell me if this is an old chinese custom, or if it is just a new fun idea: on successive Fridays, after we had all had dinner, the boys were invited to the newly wed homes (in Geena and Christian’s case a hotel room) so they could

jump on the bed.

Needless to say they did the job with great energy and enthusiasm. Anyway, lots of fun, and maybe fertility, especially from twins, is supposed to follow.

But, this week, I am too tired to do much, and last week was not quiet.


2 thoughts on “On being tired… and bed jumping

  1. God bless the Internets…
    “What! Invite kids to jump on the 100% Egyptian combed cotton sheets…

    Immediately after installing the bridal bed or on the wedding day, little children are invited to roll on the bed to bless the couple with fertility. To encourage them to get on the bed, they are allowed to eat the sweet stuff on that plate the good fortune woman has left on the bed.

    This is referred to as [压床] ”ya chuang” or [翻床] “fan chuang”.



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