George’s Visit – Tourist in Shanghai

I have been told it is time I wrote something cheerful, especially as being in Shanghai is not something everyone gets to do. [I respond briefly that there are several million people who do get to live here and I am fed up with several of them asking me every day where I come from]. I got a great email from New Zealand today, a different correspondent, with lots of news from there so here is a response of sorts to both. I do love to hear from you! I will put up some photos of George’s visit.

Getting to know you...

We started with lunch at a well-known dim sum restaurant, and like at all the dim sum places, you can’t book, you arrive and get a ticket and then wait around until a table comes available. So George and Louis and Ali waited around. Each in their own way. After we had eaten I took the boys home and George and Donal went off to watch the rugby at a suitable venue in the French Concession – it was World Cup week. Cindy and her parents spent the afternoon somewhere and we all met again for a hotpot dinner in the evening.

You're OK ...
I'm Ok too!















The next day, Sunday, way back Sunday 16th October this was, Cindy’s parents left. Everyone continued with the getting to know each other, watching the rugby and then it was Monday and the boys were at school and Cindy and Donal were at work so George and I did Shanghai as best we could.

We started with the sculpture art at People Square exit 6

Outdoor sculpture square

and the Shanghai Art Museum and then stopped for lunch in the French Concession on the way home because George wanted to find an Arts and Crafts place he had been to with Donal the day before. We got a great lunch in a Vietnamese place somewhere on Fuxing Lu, but spent a lot of time getting lost as this looks likes the right cornerwas said more than once. Somewhat at cross-purposes, we both know well why we are no longer married, I was looking for the 93 bus stop to get home in time to get the Boys and G was looking for the pub he had been to with Donal. But, the French Concession is a good place to get lost in as the architecture and trees and all are rather nice. I was 15 minutes late for the boys who were quite rightly highly indignant. The next day we went up and down Tian Lin Lu as G had seen some T-shirt shops from the 93bus he thought he wanted to see again and it is near to Donal’s work and wewere going to have lunch with him. I managed to drag G from the shops and walked him through Guilin Park rather than up the main road to meet Donal and that turned out to be a success –

Guilin Park, Shanghai

the park is not large but seems quite extensive when walking along its paths and under the trees. Many chinese people are there playing cards and Majong and dancing or just tea drinking, but it does not feel crowded. It inspired us to visit the famous YuYuan Garden later in the week – and that was totally different as it was so crowded with tourists. We could see the idea of being contemplative in a planned garden, walkways and water and stones, but absolutely no chance of seeing half of it, let alone contemplating anything. The streets surrounding Yuyuan were great fun though, G called it Shanghai’s Camden Town, and thugh I am not sure of this as an analogy it is such a total tourist venue with Macdonalds and chinese rooftops side by side that it is really worth visiting.

And, we did the Bund and Nanxing Pedestrian Street and  a rather extensive tour of Shanghai South Railway Station in order to find out how to get to the airport, and there are another lot of not very good photos on my computer which might get on to a blog sometime, or might even get sorted!!!

Yes we saw the Bund, and this is the Bund Financial Bull
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