Teeth Trouble … again

If it is possible to have a good dental experience I believe I have just had one! It has been clear in the past dozen years that the shelf life of all those fifties fillings was up and gone – I felt I spent a lot of time last winter at the dentist in Edinburgh getting crowns on broken left-overs after the fillings and shells of teeth cracked off. Then about a month ago, here in Shanghai, yet another tooth started to feel a bit sensitive… Uh oh … then it got better, then it got poorly again , then last week the filling fell out, and what was left was collecting lots of gunge you do not want me to post about really. It is too obvious, I have to find a dentist, and have to stop being in denial about teeth trouble.

So, That’s Shanghai Magazine has adverts for 4 english speaking dentists, and one of them is based at the Loft off Jianguo Lu near where the boys go every Sunday morning to Fastrack School, and beside where I took them to lunch yesterday, so I went back this morning to have a look. I do not rush into anything like dentistry you know.

Dr. Jane Wu had a cancellation. She was wonderful! Happy to have a look and then make a further arrangement. Happy to discuss very reasonable costs depending on what is necessary.Clear about the options, which depended on how far down the break in the tooth went. So she had a look, and like I say if it is possible to have a good experience at the dentist this was it. Careful, gentle, thorough. The tooth was broken vertically into the root, so it, i.e. both bits of it, just had to come out, and I am now at home recuperating but feeling I have been very well looked after.

I will be like Louis, with a space where a tooth is missing, I only wish I could look as cute.

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