’tis the season…

There isn’t supposed to be Christmas in China, and indeed there isn’t unless I look very hard indeed, if “Christmas” has meanings like Someone’s birthday, or Goodwill, or general thoughtfulness. Ditto Hanukah and other possibilities around this winter solstice. Thus except 2nd January, there are no school holidays until 9th January when the run-up to Chinese New Year on 23rd begins.

Taikang Market - hole-in-the-wall shops with EVERYTHING

But, if you are thinking glitter and shopping and more glitter and getting things, and anything at all which has come to be associated via Disneyland and others of that ilk, then this is your place. AAAAAGGGHHHH ….     The boys school is covered in reindeer and snowmen etc etc. and of course they are having a great time.

Taikang Market, one of the narrower lanes, they all invite visits

I am also having loads of emails and e-cards from lots of people so I am intending to answer them all after I finish this post.

Korean Noodle lunch after shopping in TaiKang all morning, somewhere on RuiJin Lu

If you read this post and I have not reached you yet, blame the season, and the need to screw together flat-pack bicycles before certain people get home and generally do shopping [YES I DID DO SOME] and wrap other things and find hiding places for all of the above. Hints on bicycle hiding would be gladly received as inside duvet-cover on top of wardrobe is a bit suspicious if it gets in the sight-line, so far not been noticed.

However, I also found time to visit the Pearl Museum underneath the very very famous Pearl tower which is part of the Bund skyline. It was a great visit, a huge number of exhibits tracking the history and development of Shanghai from way back until the present day. A bit IKEA like, in that one started and then had to follow round the arrow-guided directions with no other way to finish, and there was so much that was of interest that I simply had to skip lots of it. The exhibits were a mixture of pictures,photos, models in various sizes from miniature to actual size, and many were waxworks depicting scenes in pretty vivid reality. Some things like past times were fascinatingly similar to the same kind of thing as is exhibited in the Ulster Folk Museum, and it would seem that rural life and needs there or here find similar answers. The slide show below is just a sample of the exhibits. I was absorbed by the views of houses and streets I am quite familiar with. So I was taking photos thinking “I have been there”. For example, see if you can spot the Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum House in the slideshow shots – looks a bit like the White House, and I have been there several times now, with George and with Carolyn. These photos are intended to be a self-reminder for me when I use these posts as a Diary, readers may not be so absorbed as I am! There was also a model of the “Red Cathedral, Shanghai Holy Trinity” visited way back in June, which is where Kaye’s parents were married way back much much longer ago! I also liked seeing the ‘things’ whose purpose was functional, like the spinning wheel, and even if I am more actually more acquainted with the Sleeping Beauty version than a real one, it did look just like a spinning wheel should. That photo also has a child being kept safe by being inserted into a barrel, maybe a little better than tied to the table leg, or maybe the long-ago version of a play-seat?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Time to get to the emails, Happy Season and Happy Holidays if you have them, xxx


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