Now for the moment in a kid-free zone, I need occupation. Or, inspiration to decide what would be an occupation I might like to be occupied by. Isn’t it believable and at the same time unbelievable how we discover over and over again how much we actually do not know about ourselves? That seems to … More Inspiration


I have been back in Edinburgh for ten days and not posted. Why not? Why don’t I say back home? Why not go straight in to how good it is to meet up with people I’ve only been talking to online? It is good! But, I have just realized that the word is re-programming so … More Re-programming

Silver linings

Sitting in CJW, whatever that means, in Xintiandi, which is near the Applestore, waiting for the old applemac to be repaired as I decided to give it to the boys to use till it crashes again or forever. Listening to jazz, eating salad, Italian bread, pasta and coffee to follow. After taking the boys to … More Silver linings

Reading and Writing

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading, and at home often have 3/4 books on the go, the serious worky one, the proper literature I am supposed to read one, the historical/sci-fi fantasy level one and the sheer indulgence like Lee Child or Ian Rankin or Michael Connelly. And sometimes there would be … More Reading and Writing

Return to Shanghai

No-one wanted to leave Sanya. Lots of discussion, saying goodbye to the bathtub etc., explaining what a ‘holiday’ is, and worst of all, repeating over and over that Mummy would not be in Shanghai, because she would be staying in New Zealand. Happy thought ensues, then we can sleep with Daddy, Daddy says Yes you … More Return to Shanghai

Hainan holiday

Block Island beachgoer friends and all in other parts of the Northern hemisphere, eat your heart out, end of December the place to be is Sanya, Hainan Island off the very south coast of China. Especially if Cindy has cleverly booked a family apartment at the Marina Spa Resort. Now I know that ‘resort’ and … More Hainan holiday