Hainan holiday

Block Island beachgoer friends and all in other parts of the Northern hemisphere, eat your heart out, end of December the place to be is Sanya, Hainan Island off the very south coast of China. Especially if Cindy has cleverly booked a family apartment at the Marina Spa Resort. Now I know that ‘resort’ and BI natural (nearly) surroundings are totally different and I have never stayed in a resort before, but this is China, and holidays are shared with millions of people.
We are in a 12th floor apartment, views out across the spa grounds, one of ‘our’ swimming pools, garden, walks, and a huge working harbor beyond. We are beside a coastguard station so as well as all the fishing boats and chows there are several sleek and warlike silver boats docked nearby. (Why is it I end up near the military wherever I am in China, here they wake me up every morning with their parade and reveille. Maybe there is quite a lot of military at least in the non-western zones where we always stay?)

Seafood is perfect, the way it should be. Beaches are beautiful, several a short distance away as we seem to be on a peninsula, and all relatively uncrowded as Chinese people don’t really do swimming much. On a break from the beach the boys spent an hour on the best bouncy castle, actually ‘castles’, I have ever seen. I took some photos and lets hope I can make them upload to tell more of the story.


One thought on “Hainan holiday

  1. wow! Now, that’s a holiday 🙂 It looks wonderful. We’re being woken by wind and rain here …
    I love your adventures, and these windows into other lives
    Thank you for your kind words; I’m delighted to have found you, thanks to your poetry!


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