Reading and Writing

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading, and at home often have 3/4 books on the go, the serious worky one, the proper literature I am supposed to read one, the historical/sci-fi fantasy level one and the sheer indulgence like Lee Child or Ian Rankin or Michael Connelly. And sometimes there would be a biography or some poetry or a magazine like New Scientist or the Economist. [I only read Cosmo and Elle at the dentist’s and have not ever read Hello, honest.] You who are also voracious readers all know what I mean.

Writing for pleasure is newish, except that I used to write letters to family and friends and have loved email since 1995, though it took a while for most of family and friends to catch up with me there. I can remember writing “a book” when I was at ‘elementary school’ as it was called so I would have been about 9 then. Then I stopped writing, unless it was for work, or those letters home. I am still shy about saying I love writing but not shy to say Thankyou Thankyou to Lisa Silverberg Starr of the Block Island Poetry Project which began in 2004 and I have never regretted the discovery that April that writing poetry is fun. And thereafter, a real pleasure, and a way to meet other people. [I am posting my poetry here.]

Then, in June/July 2011, discovering that the only cool place to be in Shanghai was indoors with the air-conditioner, even I could not read all day especially as books available were those raided from my [now 40something] son’s cupboard or the peculiar buyer’s choice in the international bookshop. [Thank heaven for Kindle and ebooks.] So I thought I would write a Diary and discovered blogs. I had heard of them before. I am in fact very proud of being unafraid of techy stuff and even a bit of an early adopter as I believe they call it – I created my own website way back in 1998. But, does anyone else find this keeping up with stuff a bit like a walk through a wilderness – its all great but you never know what is going to be catching your eye and you will almost certainly miss some great tree because you are busy looking at the stars instead? E.g. I am dying to try a Wii soon, but the kids always get their go on it first and then it is time to go out.

This is me talking too much, when what I really want to say is that I had no idea there were so many great blogs out there and great writers and it has been wonderful. I can’t keep up with them all, but a huge thanks to Speccy and her blog and links to others like Tinman and Grannymar who may not know it but I have been reading their blogs and enjoying them so much. Thankyou guys. I never worked out how Speccy found my poetry blog, which was where contact started, but this is my warmhearted bit, I do not think that any of the great friends and contacts I have made on or offline in all these years, have ever been planned. The world just keeps on going round and producing good stuff. [All these folk know about the yucky bits too so that is even more evidence of the good stuff.]

I think I need to go look at some stars again – the ones in the sky that is. OK I cheat and do not take my own photos. For some wonderful ones look at National Geographic’s best 2011 Night Sky pictures.

I can see the night sky from here where we live in Shanghai, but it is a city. In two weeks time I will be back in Edinburgh

This post ended up being a bit of looking as well as reading writing. Thanks to earthsky and owlphotopost also, more wonderful people who give others like me great pleasures.


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