Computer down… aaaaggghhh

On Thursday evening, my computer went down, and refused any key presses to bring it back up again. I am writing this on a new one!!! The aaagghhh is because I lost all the recent data as well – not so recent is backed up in Edinburgh on the desktop there, and worse, the email contacts list turns out to have been on the computer, not the server. So if you read this please email me and I can make a new list.

Thursday’s doings:

  1. try again, before boys awake, still no good, so TRY HARD TO FORGET while getting them up and out to school
  2. pack computer in bag, take to XuJiaHui which is the only place I know with an Apple Shop
  3. Helpful assistant tells me (in chinese) they are just a shop, but writes the address of the Shanghai Apple Store so I can take a taxi
  4. It is only 20 minutes away, in HuaiHai road, a huge store with lots of ‘welcomers’ all dressed in red T-shirts, and better, I am immediately addressed by an English speaker
  5. Helpful welcomer listens, agrees that we should try out a new battery, then see, and takes me upstairs to the repair area, which is of course not called repair, but “GENIUS”. Who cares, so long as they know what they are doing. They do!
  6. I get a traige assessment from red-shirt (2) and an appointment in 20 minutes time with yet another red-shirted English Speaker. They all have names, Mike, David, etc etc on an interactive help card dangling from cord round their neck, and they all have iphone or ipad which is whipped out to call up my details. I gave apple ID to the first one, so now I am known to the system… more scary than the Tesco loyalty card…
  7. After waiting I see no.3 who spends a bit more time plugging things in and out of seriously unresponsive Macbook and tells me it will have to go in for extended test. A new battery has just changed the screen from gray to blue, but cannot raise anything else. Options are explained, and possible costs which he guesses are motherboard replacement but can’t say definitely etc. and that would be hardly worth it for such an old computer. [4 years is old to this child]. I explain return to Edinburgh next week, with memories of Edinburgh apple servicing which always lasts about three weeks, and he says you can have it back on Monday, apple would phone me before that with assessment.
  8. I watch while the forms fill in again, via iPad key ckicks, and a printout is in my hand inside a minute.
  9. I go down to the sales floor and price the new one. There is a special discount today only. There are at least fifty display machines and seats for trying them out. I get one put into English, go online and compare UK and US applestore prices with the special offer. I meet Marco, red-shirt 4, who will sell me a special and insurance and a one-on-one contract and probably his shirt too if I want it. He had been to university in Wales and visited Edinburgh and was convincingly charming
  10. I go and have lunch and phone Donal for comfort and Marco debriefing. He is worse!!! He tells me my precious Macbook was bound to die even if I did get it repaired, isn’t it 4/5 years old?
  11. Return to Applestore, Marco is at lunch, go online move money around bank accounts so card will work without overdrawing anywhere. Make sure I sign off.
  12. Find Scorpio – is this a good sign? – who sells me this new Macbook at the special price in five minutes and does not sell me insurance or one-to-one or anything else, though is shocked that I do not want all that stuff. Five minutes to check and set-up so I don’t have to do it by myself when I get home. Shocked that I will not put in a password, but I did when I got home. Is it a secret, or is it not? How come they can retrieve so much about me, from the ‘cloud’ but not the stuff which is on the computer sitting in front of them? Only grumbling because I really like to know things and will never manage to know all this new stuff.

I have lost data, bookmarks, all sorts of addresses, some of it fortunately on the iphone, and some somewhere in the depths of the email servers, whatever or wherever they are. Apple phoned last night, i.e. within six hours, hard drive gone, can’t retrieve data, there is a data retrieval place which will charge. Do I want all that stuff – because it was not sorted was why I did not let it transfer to my new nice clean iphone.

Now I have two nice clean thingys which will talk to each other. I should be happy. But I feel a bit more than 4/5 years old. Hurray for posting and wordpress which will cheer me up.


3 thoughts on “Computer down… aaaaggghhh

  1. Oh, traumas! Efficient and organised, but still traumatic!
    Isn’t it weird that computers are simply not expected to last any time at all? My machine is only 2, but I’m about to start being concerned about its forthcoming demise 😉


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