Silver linings

Sitting in CJW, whatever that means, in Xintiandi, which is near the Applestore, waiting for the old applemac to be repaired as I decided to give it to the boys to use till it crashes again or forever. Listening to jazz, eating salad, Italian bread, pasta and coffee to follow.
After taking the boys to school, I went to the Applestore and discussed the options which are not too expensive so long as I abandon thoughts of data retrieval. I had abandoned them mentally already though bought a backup drive thing for future use. Reminder: only useful if used. I then took myself off to wait for the repair to Shanghaimamas Monday coffee morning. Thanks Amanda, Melanie, Kellie, Laurie and others. You made a great difference to my last few months here.
Pasta has arrived – delicious- discover from napkin CJW means cigar jazz wine, implies luxury and no sign of C so now very relaxed.
So the boys will have a computer to remember their granny, I have a lovely new clean one -resolve to really really keep it clean- why not rubbish photos and maybe need one day can all go on the backup thing – I have another group of good people to stay in touch with and maybe see again.
Now, only have to get everything acquired in the last six months into the suitcase …. Edinburgh see you soon.
PS Although I have been in Xintiandi
several times, I tend to avoid it as it is Shanghai’s ‘modernity with style complex’ full of western shops and eateries, and tourists both east and west, architecture supposedly a mix of new and preserved brick lanes. Changing my mind, maybe it is quite a nice place after all.

20120109-013319 PM.jpg


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