Pudong and schiphol

Ok now I am on the way home. Pudong and Schipol are the names of the airports on the way in Shanghai and Amsterdam. Just for the record, they are not all the same though finding things to do while on 2/3 hour wait is much the same. Pudong has free wifi and comfy seats everywhere, also many toilets along the walks to the gates. But it would not allow connection to the VPN so no Facebook or blogging possible – still in China. Schipol used to feel very modern – it is a few years since I have used this route- and I still like how easy it is to get off one plane and find the gate for the next. But, there are hardly any seats, no plugs that I can see for the ‘devices’ free wifi is time limited and the toilets all seem to be in the central transfer area. That is, by the shops. but, wifi is not in China so will I use my limited time blogging or Facebook. No
Contest as you see.
Soon be home and look out for an Edinburgh blog.


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