I have been back in Edinburgh for ten days and not posted. Why not? Why don’t I say back home? Why not go straight in to how good it is to meet up with people I’ve only been talking to online? It is good!
But, I have just realized that the word is re-programming so here goes. The most unexpected has been the dark, dark mornings, dark early evening, well of course it is in January at this latitude. (northern lights have been visible but I haven’t seen them because my mind is in this adapting place). The usual, expected, cars on the left of the road, biological brain not listening to aware mind so continually getting startled. Half expected- nothing in the flat the way I left it- as lodger now gone made it hers, not mine. Hurray I found my wooden spoons which used to be my mum’s and had been missing two years. They were in the back of ‘her’ cupboard. Along with a Chinese supermarkets worth of unfinished packets. I have packed al those for the new lodger, who will also be Chinese. She and her son arrive next Wednesday. Expected – two weeks to get into that room, closet and cupboards I have not seen in 3/4 years even though I live in the other bedroom and sitting room. (In case this blog has readers who do not know, for several
years my lodgers have been teachers from the Confucius Institute and they hand the tenancy over to the next when they return to China. It seems to
be a win-win for us all.)
Unexpected – heel which has been bothering me for a few months became very sore to walk on, so I have discovered the Western General minor injuries unit is very efficient and helpful. ( why why do people complain about the NHS?) Plantar fasciitis sounds drastic but is not, and the ligament will mend especially if I do exercises and don’t walk too far on hard pavements like I did in Shanghai. So I have got the bicycle out again even though it is a bit dark and I had to find the lights.
Mary, Nadine, Graeme – wonderful to see you again. Rosemary and Edith too, phoning and skyping at civilized times to those further afield, everyone at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations (SIHR)I am very glad to be back!!
This morning I will soon be at Morningside Peace and Justice regular Wednesday meeting. They discuss all sorts of things. My mind is re-programming to interesting grown-up conversations.


One thought on “Re-programming

  1. I almost went to Presbyterian Seminary in the late 70’s in Edinburgh and although with faith I enjoyed the night life and adventure on the streets of Miami so I was not yet pure of heart for such an undertaking. I wonder how things would have been different. One thing for sure I would not have had a son and daughter and my five grandchildren so the right course was followed. Thanks visit my blog. You will laugh and giggle-I promise. I did earn an MA religious studies, not the pastoral route but the history/phil/soc/psych stuff. I did my paper on the Massachusetts Puritans from 1630-1670 and the amicable doctrinal disputes that made them define themselves as Presbyterians or Congregationalists.


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