Gym, Swim and more

Glorious Victorian building with glass roof to see the sky when swimming

You would be proud of me – or at least I can now be a bit proud of myself. I got up this morning and cycled to the Warrender Swim Centre (a favourite in the variety of Edinburgh fitness offerings) and signed up for a ‘fitness membership’ which inludes gym and swim and aquafit classes and all that, at any of the Edinburgh Leisure venues.  As the aquafit class was currently running and full up, I didn’t bother with the swim this morning but did the various machines that do not involve putting pressure on the heel, then I cycled home again.

Resisted having a little extra sleep and went to the Reid Hall lunch-time concert instead, and listened to Rachel Wheatley singing love songs from Mozart, Strauss, Faure, Liszt and Debussy with Jan Waterfield on piano. That was better than a little sleep, very relaxing. How anyone can sing so beautifully for an hour I do not know, except that I imagine it takes years of practice and slog. Thank you Rachel.

Funny not-funny story – I met an ex-colleague at the concert. She said she wasn’t supposed to be there as she and her husband had booked a cruise, to make up for the cruise they were supposed to be on last autumn which was cancelled due to minor accident to that ship. This time they had booked with a well-known company: Concordia. I said let me know where you are going next (so I can go somewhere else).

Not the best choice

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