Fit for purpose, fit for what?

This is an update on the fitness membership after one week, and fitness generally. Day 1, last Friday, well I had to do the weekend blog thing seeing I had just signed up for that too, and then I went to the library and then I went to the concert in St Cecilia’s Hall so that was a lot for that day, so I didn’t get around to swimming. Saturday, had to write up about the concert, and a couple of Quentin Jardine’s seem to have got in to the library books, and the next day was Sunday (as it usually is – see conventions on Why 7Days post). then on Monday I was supposed to be working with the academic who is making yet another research proposal, or at least I am supposed to be listening helpfully, and make cups of tea, while he says he thinks maybe he will do this later in the week. I wonder if procrastination runs in the family? Tuesday was a very nice day indeed, I spent most of the morning at the Modern Art Gallery (meeting a friend) and I did cycle there, and I did look at some of the sculpture, noted in the afternoon that the feel-good factor from joining the gym and swim was wearing off. Maybe one is supposed to do something besides paying the money and getting the membership card?

Wednesday – GOT UP EARLY – went to gym and got a personal programme from a sympathetic instructor, then had a swim. Then went to Morningside Peace and Justice group meeting which was excellent. Look up Kathy Galloway who is head of Christian Aid Scotland and talked with great good sense, knowledge and compassion about Tax, and Tax Avoidance. Another prejudice bites the dust – I thought Christian Aid was all about Doing Good and I learnt that they agreed with my understanding that taxes are a real good, and heard a very hard-headed and thoughtful understanding of how avoiding taxes does real harm. The topic was treated internationally and full of information. I am more than ever convinced that we are one world, and until we all start working together instead of with vested interests in competition, there will be harm cropping up all over. I was also shocked to hear how many Tax Havens are under British jurisdiction, though I had to ask what exactly that meant. (Governance operates through the British Foreign Office, which does not say You can’t be a tax haven, you are taking money out of our public services… ).

However, the usual nice coffee with nice people afterwards makes up for the impotent feeling engendered by the talk, though Kathy was not preaching impotence but quite definite that writing to politicians, getting involved at any level, was action. Back home the kitchen light went on the blink – literally – so thoughts of nice rest were exchanged for inspection from up the ladder. Action necessary at a rather different level. Never never have a fluorescent light in your kitchen, or anywhere. (It was not I who put it in, but some previous owner of this aging property.)

Today – I went to the gym again!!!! Action. Getting fit… maybe… Afternoon spent buying yet another pair of shoes to walk in, which hopefully will provide support and not hurt. When I returned there were so many parts of me creaking and refusing to move in the accustomed manner that I have had a long hot bath and will put off letter writing to the politicians for another day.

Fit for purpose is a politician’s term. Fit for what is my question, maybe I will try some more political action even if only of the letter writing kind to add to the already prevalent emailing kind. And I will try to keep this gym and swim stuff going.

Oh – and a message to WordPress – having written the above which includes the word ‘impotence’, referring to inability to affect large multi-national corporations, I have been given a recommended tag: erectile dysfunction. Maybe my blog will get lots more followers.


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