My first… iPhone

Sidey’ s weekend theme My first…


Once upon a time when I left the house

Will I bring the camera? If I do it will be at the bottom of the bag when I want it and then everyone else will have moved on when I find it. If I don’t bring it I will miss the perfect pic

where’s my phone? D… Here but I forgot to charge it again … better take it anyway


something to write on/with

book – I might have to wait in the car till the one that has gone to sleep wakes up…
Etc etc

Now, iPhone, go.
Brilliant – and this not an advert.


5 thoughts on “My first… iPhone

  1. Never owned one of these cell phone things. Everyone says I am still in 19th Century. At least I have a justfinethankyouvery much phone on my desk. Why does anyone need anything more? Except this atomical computer thing I am using right now.


    1. I like the techy stuff but only what suits me. I only got a cell phone when in China in 2004 (chinese daughter-in-law) because I needed the security blanket. That was the one which was so old that the seller of new SIM cards 2011 laughed heartily – hence again in China needed to get a new one. Tech is like books, music, whatever, if its fun and rewarding great, if a pain, why bother?


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