Edinburgh Tourist (4)

I cycled down to the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens again. Yes I know I have written about them before, but every trip is different and opens up different kinds of enjoyment. Today I went with specific purpose – I have two trips arranged and the Botanic Garden shop is a Great Place for Gifts for Gardeners and Girls and Growing boys. Gee getting carried away there and successfully too as nearly £100 Gone mostly on those grandkids. [Not being able to see them, I subsitute stuff].

I headed up the hill to see what’s on at the Inverleith House Gallery and then pop in to the Terrace Cafe for coffee.
Unexpected openings up to thoughts and companionship

First – pink tree – ask gardener – possibly connected to the moon walk for breast cancer.

Second – Inverleith House exhibition: Glasgow artist Luke Fowler, with John Haynes, Toshiya Tsunoda, photos, installations and film celebrating one of Glasgow and Scotland’s most radical/ marginalized/ genius/ disturbed figures: R. D. LAING. Fowler’s film was to start later so I went to the cafe for early lunch.

Standing there beside the soup was C first met in November in Shanghai (see earlier blog) tai qiao le 太巧了 as they say there. Here, what a coincidence, and she said “did you see N?” and I had indeed walked right past N. So, more good company, more talk, more walk.

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After taking more photos, I went back to R. D. Laing and listened a bit, wondering have we learnt a lot or maybe learnt too little since then (1960’s). I had been reading Bollas before I came out, The Christopher Bollas Reader, his thoughts on personality development via trauma (binding, limiting, creative aspects an acting out by repetition) or genera (agressive pro-creative combination of self and other/object sought) Misquoting, trying to paraphrase here, will probably put people off reading a very valuable contribution to depth knowing why glass is half-empty for some, half-full for others.

More to think about, not least because I have written about this stuff myself about what the clues are to getting into the mainly half-full way to live (here if you are interested). Belongs to my other blog so maybe I can spend the evening writing a post for that one, or, maybe not.
Glorious day again.


3 thoughts on “Edinburgh Tourist (4)

  1. Interesting blog post to retread after attending a seminar about anxiety, fear and guilt in Autistic Spectrum Disorders (presented by Dr Wendy Lawson), where EQ is often lower than average, and the glass can be half empty after repetitive negative experiences, and the half full way of life is exceedingly tricky when a negative reaction to behaviour repetitively reinforces a self belief.


  2. I looked up Wendy Lawson – sounds very good person. She is right when she says that for many, the most frustrating problems are the non-acceptance in so-called normal society, rather than enquiry from it. Encouraging too as she clearly believes that the ‘half-full’ life is there and it does not have to be half-empty even when there are pretty tough challenges to face.


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