I wonder…wandering in wondering

Sidey’s weekend theme is “I wonder”.

Taken at midday from the entrance to Inverleith House, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Created by a camera, and chance.

Try anything on the National Geographic Photo Galleries, though we are all photographers now.

Why is this word WONDER so different when it is a verb – that is the theme – and when it is a noun? OK the thesaurus gives lots of synonyms of the various meanings but the everyday use ones are the ones which are so different.

Verb: I wonder – I am in doubt, uncertainty, pondering, a little tentative about my curiosity, where will it go?

Noun: A wonder – all the adjectives for such a thing are marvellous, awesome, wow, glorious, even to be revered or worshipped.

English: Inverleith House, Edinburgh Now withi...
Image of Inverleith House via Wikipedia

[My word of the moment seems to be glorious, I just realised how many times I have written ‘glorious day’ in previous posts]

So, I wonder, ha ha, what if the connection is that I /we only have the state of mind to see the glorious when we are open to uncertainty and a liitle lost so going out to look for anything is a bit risky? We just might find it wonderful!

Computer scary, real life more so...

Its the state of mind where “I” doesn’t have to be an ego, thrusting itself into the world, it just is, and the world comes, with whatever it brings. We are tentative in this state because it is a risk we are taking, who knows what it might bring?



Incidentally, wonderful WordPress just sent a post which had a link to a blog about finding friends in new places – and it was missing friends while I was in Shanghai that started me on blogging. This gave a link  a link to another blog 1000 awesome things. They are both plugging books, but why wouldn’t they when they have taken the time and energy to collect thoughts about friendship and about wonderful things? When Sidey sent the theme I was already thinking about friends and how much they matter, and about wonderment. [Synchronicity is another wonderful thing I have wondered about, maybe Sidey got the WordPress post too and it is just as simple as that to make connection.]

I hope I don’t sound smug – just want to say I am at the moment in such a happy frame of mind, able to wander in wondering.


8 thoughts on “I wonder…wandering in wondering

  1. “What if the connection is that I /we only have the state of mind to see the glorious when we are open to uncertainty?”

    You know, Elspeth: I think you have just hit the nail on the head 😉 Thanks for a lovely post.


    1. Thanks Kate. I believe it – i am wondering whether/how to write a post about how taking the risk of uncertainty, however wonderful, also carries a yuk side. There is a reality in risk and I have found myself in the deep end of something dire more than once. Maybe that’s the beginning of a new post but I’ll think about it for a while. It is rich living though. I am also having a lot of enjoyment looking at what you have written. Thanks for that too.

      those who seek new land have to spend a long time out of sight of the shore [Andre Gide]

      https://elspethc.wordpress.com http://triformy.wordpress.com


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