Decisions Decisions

Sidey’s weekend theme: The Decision

at a Shanghai Exhibition, near Peoples Square

Why pick a picture which to me is so neutral? Just a board game… a statue at that… not representing the kind of decision which took me to a different life. But then most of the big things which changed my life were not the result of my decisions at all. Getting pregnant comes to mind as the most momentous, got to confess to three ‘accidents’ there, not one plan or decision. Similarly getting married and getting first job (and second, third, etc).  Divorce did take a decision, but by the time I took it, pretty inevitable.

It has all been a sort of Go with the Flow, rather than anything thoughtful like Making a Decision.

I have become a bit better in recent years, I hope, become self-aware, it is my life. I could live every moment being aware, wow, living in the moment, a full life, and I could see every moment could bring a decision. Pretty exhausting, habits are helpful! Thinking about being aware, there is a different kind of decision there. To be or not to be?

What are decisions actually about? Not a lot about outcomes, so very very few of those are in our power to control, whatever decision we take.

Decisions are not so important in real life, they might be in a game. I like this photo, they take their game seriously.

I did write a poem a year ago – it is on my poetry blog. Choose life, whatever it brings.



7 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. Who we are now is a product of the decisions we once made ~ or failed to make.

    If you didn’t DECIDE to get married and say “I DO”. . . it’s not surprising you ended up divorced. 😉


    1. Couldn’t agree more – though chance events have a part to play too. So much of what we think we are doing is unconscious, determined by cultural or family or something rules that it is only after some self awareness is won that responsibility like this can be taken. I’m now thinking of writing a post on consciousness raising – very sixties stuff – now needed in other parts of the world – watch this space.
      Thanks for listening and commenting


  2. Indeed they do. I wanted to find the name of the sculptor but was defeated by my inadequacy in reading chinese characters and just ended up enjoying the rest of the exhibition.


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