Edinburgh Tourist 5 – Innocent Path

Home from USA – see previous posts. Now trying to shake off the jetlag, so got the bicycle out. The Innocent Railway Path has not been a railway for many years, but it was one very early, 1826, nicknamed “The Innocent Railway” because it was originally horse-drawn in an age which thought steam engines dangerous! … More Edinburgh Tourist 5 – Innocent Path

Leaving Boston

The boats from the island were cancelled on Monday when the wind and rain came in, so I thought I was in for a rough journey when I left on Tuesday. But the weather cleared again and I got away on the first boat, then got a ride to the train-station (thanks Bruce and Adonis), … More Leaving Boston

Down day

Today I am having a down day. About time – I have been active since getting up early to catch the plane last Wednesday. Just let the photos say it, and no serious thought today. Friends and family, enjoy looking. This was Monday – the weather is very warm for April, the water is c….o.o.o.l.d… … More Down day

Just a few days

I have been here, on Block Island, only a few days. But they have been filled with family and grandchildren and welcome from friends I have not seen since last year. Tonight, Sunday is the first night we have eaten at home, as the invitations are flying in, and we have had T and M … More Just a few days

Friday 13th

Friday 13th – Sidey noticed the date this weekend, so gave it to us for the theme. Now it so happened that I traveled from my home in UK to my other home in USA earlier in the week. As I am visiting Block Island Poetry Project I thought I would write a poem about … More Friday 13th

Boston in Spring

Today I am in Boston on the way to Block Island to visit my granddaughters. It is springtime and the blossoms are out. Photos from Appleton Street beside the Berkeley Residence Hotel, very two-star but adequate, quiet and near the Amtrak at Back Bay. Not too much lugging cases involved. I do feel lucky to … More Boston in Spring