It was all a dream

It was all a dream – the end sentence of some fiction especially the sort that I used to write at school – how long ago is that? The weird and wonderful wander in imagination, get away with it! I am making it the first sentence because it is what I thought when I read Sidey’s weekend theme this week. Following Kate’s great maze post, Sidey said:

We reached the centre of the maze… “this is the centre, you now have two choices”… I noticed an odd shape in the ground…a brass ring….a wooden trapdoor… “do you suppose this is the second choice?”…Now finish the tale…….

Endless doors

The Trapdoors in My Mind… open in the night … it is all a dream…

What comfort is that? Did I really really really have those images hidden in the depths? [Wish I had had any as beautiful as this Jock Cooper, thanks] Well yes, it isn’t anyone else’s mind is it?

The worst one is also the best one, my alternative life, and if you think I will put this on a public blog, think again. My trapdoor. I never know when I will be there but oh I recognize it when I am, I have been here before … and then I am out of it again

Did I choose to wake up? Not my first choice.

The next best is … coming tonight … dream on … am I weird and wonderful to like all these old friends in the maze of my mind?

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