Friday 13th

Friday 13th – Sidey noticed the date this weekend, so gave it to us for the theme. Now it so happened that I traveled from my home in UK to my other home in USA earlier in the week. As I am visiting Block Island Poetry Project I thought I would write a poem about a particular event which did take place on this Friday 13th . [There is more poetry on the other blog.]

In my mind I have a picture of myself

My bounds in bounded body

Overlaid with other selves

So many

Each borrowing this body for their elaboration.

Arms legs muscles wind in my face

feel present full

laughing quiet sounds

Sounds gurgle, the smile happens

lips lifting lift the heart

suddenly shocked by the passion the laughter brought.

A thought. Who you? Emerges here

Recently traveled across the wide blue sky

I got my bicycle out from the garage

Dusted it off, happily rode

All the way down High Street

Not on the right side.


5 thoughts on “Friday 13th

  1. my memories
    your hair
    a lovely yellow
    i looked up
    and saw you
    in front
    on your bicycle.
    i was always
    on my bicycle
    behind you.
    my hair was
    more yellow
    i am sure
    time passes
    i am not on block island
    my hair is now grey
    my bicycle is
    in callum’s garage
    (i hope)
    I like yellow hair
    i need a holiday


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