Just a few days

I have been here, on Block Island, only a few days. But they have been filled with family and grandchildren and welcome from friends I have not seen since last year. Tonight, Sunday is the first night we have eaten at home, as the invitations are flying in, and we have had T and M here to say Hi. Though of course my family here and all the Block Islanders are always in and out of each others’ homes, so it is not all just because I have come back. That is the word I am hearing, hey you’re back, I feel I am made welcome and thanks to all. And the place is just one of the most beautiful corners of the world.

Yesterday, Saturday I had two places to go, so I went to both, first to family friends and joined their party, then later in the evening it was the Block Island Poetry Project Saturday evening “Wild Rumpus” a celebration of the Poetry Arts and Dance which we have been ‘workshopping’ since Thursday evening. The Block Island drummers – I took video see the youtube  – I danced – not quite till dawn but at least 2 hours and thought I would suffer for this next day. But no, today I woke without a single ache or pain. There is a message of some kind here, we have been involved in NIA dancing and Yoga and both these body attuned practices and  good company is good for me – or anyone.


5 thoughts on “Just a few days

  1. photos are brilliant. I even saw the bird in the tree. Trust that the girls are well, also callum and Wendy. Love to all. Irene


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