Leaving Boston

The boats from the island were cancelled on Monday when the wind and rain came in, so I thought I was in for a rough journey when I left on Tuesday. But the weather cleared again and I got away on the first boat, then got a ride to the train-station (thanks Bruce and Adonis), caught the earlier train, so was in Boston by lunchtime. With a suitcase to carry around – so I took myself to Silverline Way and the South shoreline which is a part I do not know. Trundled the case around in a cold wind, there are a lot of new buildings, Bank of America, and World Trade etc. and lots of restaurants full of lunchers. Nice quiet time, took a few photos, then off to Logan Airport. Quite a relaxing way to spend part of a journey. Click for bigger pictures.

The photos are all from Liberty Wharf. Like all waterfronts nowadays it has several restaurants, wooden decking, clean walkways, nearly clean water, and lots of historic photo stands telling the story of the working life held in the memory of this place. (Bristol, Belfast, Leith, Plymouth, London, New York, Shanghai, Wellington, to name those I have seen in the last four years!!!)


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