Gardens in May

  Here it is a time for beautiful gardens. I hope everyone who does all the work knows how much people like me who live in flats enjoy looking at them as we go about the city. But, even the daisies and buttercups look good.           I have visited the Botanic … More Gardens in May

Simple and complex

A while ago, before I began following the Daily Post, the photo challenge suggested ‘simple’ as a theme. I was glad not to need to try that, as I can never see ‘simple’ without wondering if it is really. This is a glass of water, on my kitchen table. Water – from the tap which … More Simple and complex

Virtual friends

What are virtual friends? Wikipedia definitions include imaginary, pets, pseudonyms, a non-player character in a game, and apparently there is a song too. They also say, people met online.That is what I want to talk about, to wonder about, and think about how close they are to ‘real’ friends, who are people I have met … More Virtual friends

Being a Granny

Sidey’s Weekend Theme: Something Old, Something New By definition, if a grandmother, not new, must be old. (Had a birthday this week too, so underline that.) But the experience, being a granny, still feels new, every day even though my grandchildren at the present day count are aged 11, 9, 8 and 4, and 4 … More Being a Granny

Hugs and Kisses

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