Edinburgh Tourist 6: Colinton Dell

On Saturday afternoon, N and I walked out along the Union Canal, and then took the turn to Colinton Dell. Beautiful walk, good company and some needed exercise!

By the way, these photos for me represent TOGETHER which is the wordpress photo challenge this week.

Peace and Turbulence

Walking with a Friend (I do a lot of solitary walks and bike rides).

Nature and Man-made Fall Together. (Is fall a noun or a verb there?)


8 thoughts on “Edinburgh Tourist 6: Colinton Dell

    1. Thanks – I suppose the “both-and” sort of together found in collaboration rather than competition is so much part of my world-view I felt it expressed together for me. Though I also love all the people, kids, cats etc that I am seeing in response to the prompt Elspeth


    1. Well Edinburgh would have been a good idea, but I am not at all sure about the Presbyterian seminary – I mean I do not know, not that I know either good or bad reports. Scotland is just beginning to get to grips with some of its sectarian background. [I am originally from Northern Ireland, so I know quite a lot about sectarianism.]


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