Statues – Edinburgh Tourist (7)

Edinburgh tourist again, out and about, on a sort of a search for material related to the Current Affairs group I belong to. Maybe I’ll do another post on that in a couple of weeks time when I have something ordered to say. I could do the searches online, everything is there, but who wants to spend half the day online? Especially when the other half is sort of computer oriented anyway, catching up on other people’s blogs as well getting on with editing and writing etc. etc. And of course there is another half which is being with real people. How many halfs make a whole, especially when some of them are bigger than others? This is a philosophical inquiry you know, our perception of something says more about it than the reality of it.

So I can have as many halfs as I like. So having got that out of the way, what was I doing on Monday afternoon. Bicycle down to Picardy Place, along Queen Street, turn in to St Andrew’s Square, along George Street, Charlotte Square, back along Princes Street as far as the Mound, and then turn into High Street (Royal Mile) before heading for home – it was raining a bit now and again.

Purpose: one way of looking at who was who once upon a time, consider all those statues (DWM of course). There are lots better photos if you google, but these were taken by me, in the rain, from bike, from where the traffic would not clobber me.

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oops just noticed they are not all dead white men, Queen Victoria is there on top of the Royal Academy building at the National Gallery.

see also more Picardy place photos from the web:

aerial views from

Picardy Place, Edinburgh, 1975

and lots more Edinburgh statues

I hope they had as much fun as I did cycling around to get their photos!

some more


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