Being a Granny

Sidey’s Weekend Theme: Something Old, Something New

By definition, if a grandmother, not new, must be old. (Had a birthday this week too, so underline that.) But the experience, being a granny, still feels new, every day even though my grandchildren at the present day count are aged 11, 9, 8 and 4, and 4 less one minute. Three girls in USA and two boys, the twins, in Shanghai.

What is it about grandparenting? I happen to be reading Margaret Foster’s book “Isa and May” also about this very thing. Have not finished it yet so no answers to the question, but I always like her writing. (Bet she is one now too.)

But, no doubt for me, grannyhood offers something old and something new – and is neither borrowed nor blue.

This is February 2010 at the Giant’s Causeway, she is 10 in this picture, now 11, she is taller than I am. More important, an interested, interesting, reflective (from birth), wonderful girl. No prize for guessing who the old one is.
Serious, caring, sometimes worrying, sometimes very very funny. I cannot show a photo of this beauty’s smile, because when she smiles, the world shifts. Maybe someone can capture it, I’ll just see it next time I’m there when it happens.
Find the Monkey. Affectionate, passionate, so aware of the world and all in it, if you should think your heart might be full already, forget that stupidity, this girl has room for you in hers.
Louis at Shanghai Botanic Gardens, considering a statue. He is incredible, a mimic, an artist, full of stories, verbal, vocal (in both his languages) and confident. Hey Granny, do you know… He is kind too.
Action man, Ben 10, computer whiz, can count to 1000 and does when keeping balloon in the air – geek/nerd to be? Also thinks a lot, and loves hugs and kisses and cuddles and dogs … The elephant is a statue in Shanghai Botanic Gardens.

There is only one photo of them all together, when west and east met in 2009, BUT I CAN’T FIND IT. And 2009 is now OLD.

We will just have to meet again, get a NEW one.



6 thoughts on “Being a Granny

  1. We are many different things all at once but the sound of “Hey, grandpa…” will ever remain my most treasured sound. Of course we come to grips and face the reality of our age but its worth the trade off.


    1. Dear Sidey, How can a few words from someone I have never met start such a long train of thought for me? You won’t know what I am talking about, but maybe you will later as I am going to write a couple more posts – one about “responsibility” whatever it seems to me to be, and one about “virtual friends”. There has probably been lots written about both these topics somewhere already, but like I say, now I want to get to grips with them. Watch my blog!!


    1. I have very nearly fallen off the edge of the learning curve, but also never imagined so much being offered, Incredible. Like you say on your posts’ sidebar ‘the world is jampacked full of stuff…’. I read them all with a similar feeling, incredible to be offered this – so I travel likewise. Thanks for comment and posts. E


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